Deception and Jail of Mind


Deception is always intriguing us inside and outside.

How strong can we survive?

Lost in crowded space,

No, actually it’s just empty space.

Trapped in empty space and can’t comeback.

It’s a setback!

Fell apart, thrown away.

What a life!

Rehab, rehab.

A sick person tried to wake up from the nightmare.

Tears fell down, flooded, and dried.

Still sick, needs rehab.

Mentally sick.

Fight to comeback.

Tears are the catharsis, more…more tears to ease the nightmare.

How to escape?

The feet are still locked in chain.

The key, where’s the key?

Where to find?

This is a jail.

What jail?

A mind jail.

The key is in the core of mind.


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