The Years of Being Mediocre

I’m excited to a new journey. You know, sometimes God puts you in a circumstance to shift you to another. I should thank Allah for what I have now. He prepared a condition for me to change my mind and to change my life. It’s a blessing in disguise. Alhamdulillah. Now, I have to study hard and learn harder. These steps probably were not in vain. They took me to bittersweet experiences in viewing this world. Maturity is a process not a given. Some people may advise you and warn you, but the real understanding is when you face it yourself.

I asked myself, “Do you regret something?” For many mistakes I always regret them. But, for life experience I should not regret the condition. It’s all coming back to me in the end. I made a decision, then I had to be responsible to it. God only sees how I respond to the circumstance. This is the lesson I should realize. Good or bad depends on how we consider and manage it.

In life, God gave us choices. We have right to choose our own way. He just reminds us to always stay in the right track, in His way. It’s simple, but the reality is complicated. I’m so thankful for what He has given me until now. Thank you Allah, for not abandoning me, thank you for not leaving me. It is me who is afraid to leave and forget You. I’m not your perfect creature. I’m flawed in many ways. Thank you, for still loving me and giving me chance to change my mind.

O Fattaah, The Opener of all portals. I beg you for a new and blessed one. Eventhough I still have reasons to stay but they fade away slowly. They burnt me useless. I lost my vision. I’m no longer someone whom I recognize. It causes me to be dull. I can’t accept to be dumb and lose the meaning of virtue. Yes, once I ever tried to not give a look at what I did. I became an uncaring person. This is the worst thing in my life. Please, I don’t want to risk my life for being mediocre in front You. I’m not a bootlicker who begs for a slice of bread. I’m not that person. Save me from that kind of person. Forgive me and help me. Take me out of it.

I know everything won’t always be easy. I ask You for something which gives me blessing and grace. You’re The Exalter, The Giver of Honor. Please, take me to the right path and place.

Allahumma anzilni munzalan mubarakan wa anta khairul mundziliin. (Al Mukminun:29)